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Release Notes Overview

Mobify releases a new version of SDKs every six weeks, for a total of eight releases a year. Releases contain new features and enhancements, bug fixes, security patches, and new documentation to support the development of applications on the platform. As part of the shared responsibility model, it’s the customer’s role to consume these updates, at a recommended minimum of 1-2 SDK upgrades per year.

In contrast to the SDK release schedule, the rest of the Mobify Platform (such as the Application Delivery Network) is continuously delivered. Enhancements are rolled out frequently outside of the SDK product release schedule. Generally, as these enhancements go live to the platform immediately, customers do not need to consume the updates.

For more information about Mobify’s release process, read about our version history.

In addition, you can find detailed notes from each release since 2017 using the links in the left sidebar navigation.